HP rumored to be testing Windows 8 on TouchPad tablets

October 24, 2011

This morning, FoxNews.com's Clayton Morris reports that, under new CEO Meg Whitman, it's possible that the axe won't fall on HP's Touchpad tablet division.

Citing anonymous sources within the company's hardware division, the story indicates that HP developers are doing proof-of-concept work testing Windows 8 on its Touchpad devices with an eye towards reviving the now-defunct hardware line, or possibly even building new devices. 

Furthermore, company-wide layoff notices have been put on hold as HP evaluates former CEO Leo Apotheker's decision to sell off the company's consumer PC division. These same sources also say that HP is meeting with potential buyers for the WebOS business including HTC, LG, Niko, and Amazon.

Full story can be found on FoxNews.com


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