HP will target business BYOD schemes with new Windows 8 tablet

February 24, 2012
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Whitman admitted that the tablet market is little more than an ‘iPad market’ at present, and noted that HP's own take on Apple's consumer tablet – the TouchPad – did not result in a 'happy ending'. “The iPad is terrific; I have one. I use it to read books or watch TV but I don’t really use it to get work done”, said Whitman, who was speaking at a gathering in Silicon Valley, which was arranged by The Wall Street Journal.

On that point, Whitman stressed that HP is hoping to create a tablet which can enhance security, productivity and network compatibility, three important pillars for tablet adoption in business, and certainly key points surrounding the introduction of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) schemes.

 “There is a big trend to BYOD to work; which is all well and good until there is a security breach,” said Whitman. “We are going to provide an alternative.”

Whitman took over the helm at HP in September of last year, replacing Leo Apotheker, who had previously announced plans for HP to exit the hardware business, whilst announcing HP's intention to kill off the webOS-driven TouchPad tablet. At the time, there had been rumors that HP would also sell or license off the webOS platform, which it acquired from Palm for $1.2 billion earlier in the year, but HP has since kept the OS on and intends to make it open source by September 2012.


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