HTC quits the tablet market, may yet return to challenge the iPad or Nexus 7

October 11, 2012

Having launched just three tablets (the Flyer, Jetstream and Evo View 4G) into the market in just 18 months, HTC has revealed that it will be leaving the tablet market for now, but could yet return to tackle Apple’s iPad or Google’s Nexus 7.  

“We’re watching the market very, very closely”, HTC global online communications manager Jeff Gordon told FierceWireless.

"It was a great learning experience for us, and they [the tablets] definitely met expectations.” Gordon added that HTC would only likely return to the tablet market if it knew it could tackle Apple’s iPad at the high-end or Google’s Nexus 7 at the low-end, something the company hasn’t yet decided on.

"We're very much not set on one strategy over another.”

HTC responded to the news by saying that the tablets have now 'run through their planned lifecycles'.

"We're continuing to watch the tablet market very, very closely for the right opportunity to re-enter in a way in which we're not just offering a "me too" tablet, but a product that's compelling, differentiated, and inspiring to our customers," read the company's statement.

HTC isn’t the first tablet vendor to step away from the consumer tablet market in recent times. ViewSonic last month announced its intention to concentrate on retail-focused tablets, while Korean firm LG Electronics quit the tablet business earlier this year to focus on smartphones.

HP famously left the consumer tablet space after failing with the webOS-driven TouchPad tablet, although recent reports suggest that the PC giant could yet have another go at competing with the iPad for consumer sales.


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