HTC prepares ‘unique’ tablet, probably won’t run Windows 8

July 12, 2012
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Speaking to UK tech magazine PC Advisor earlier in the week, a company executive teasingly revealed that HTC will have “something unique to offer”, but seemingly declined to expand on what that the tablet will offer.

The exec did say that the tablet will be for the UK market, although presumably the model will also be available across the US and the rest of Europe.

Any such tablet looks a sure fire bet to run a version of Android, given HTC’s history with Google devices and considering that the company is currently barred from making Windows 8 slates.

Just last month it was revealed that Microsoft expelled HTC from its initial batch of Windows 8 partners, reportedly because the Redmond giant grew concerned that HTC wanted to customize the Windows 8 home-screen.

Despite this, this hasn’t totally ruled HTC out from making Windows 8 tablets, with Microsoft expected to roll out Windows 8 to 'second-tier vendors' around the start of 2013.

HTC’s market share in both the smartphone and tablet markets is fairly small as it stands, and the firm hasn’t added any new tablets to the market since the Jetstream last September. The firm did debut the quad-core Quattro tablet at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March, but this tablet has yet to see the light of day.


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