IBM brings Cognos Business Intelligence to Apple’s iPad

October 25, 2011

IBM has released the Cognos Mobile app for the iPad and the new application is designed to allow tablet users access to a business intelligence tool that supports reporting, dashboards and scorecards.

IBM says that the app, which is now available for free on the App Store, will be best suited for those working in financial services, healthcare, government, communications, retail, travel and transportation, as well as any other industry sectors looking to benefit from mobile analytics.

Further adding to this, IBM says that the app could be used by doctors to analyse electronic medical records, show individual treatment plans or explain medical procedures, while social workers could use the application for reporting on the health and well-being of children in foster homes.

David Barnes, IBM's programme director for emerging technologies, told that early trials of Cognos Mobile have ranged from zoos, looking to evaluate attendance patterns, to police agencies looking to pinpoint crime trends. 

"Businesses have new opportunities to look at things", said Barnes, when speaking to the online publication. "Nobody anticipated we would have so much information. These are opportunities we did not even know would exist".

At the same time as launching the iPad app, IBM has also made its InfoSphere BigInsight Big Data tool available on the IBM SmartCloud. The software company said that bringing big data analytics to the cloud means that clients can capture and analyse data without needing Hadoop skills, or without having to install, run or maintain hardware and software.


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