IDC: Consumers will ‘default’ to iPad if forced to choose from too many tablets

August 2, 2012
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The IDC’s preliminary Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet Tracker found that total tablet shipments reached 25 million units in Q2, representing a healthy 66.2% rise from the year before.

Apple unsurprisingly continued to dominate the market, and IDC said that iPad shipments even reached a new record level in the quarter.

The research group said that 17 million iPads were shipped in the quarter, up from 11.8 million units in Q1 and above Apple’s previous quarter record of 15.4 million iPads (in Q4 of 2011).

Apple was not however the only tablet vendor to experience growth, as four of the top five players saw their tablet shipments increase on a yearly basis.

Samsung's tablet shipments more than doubled to 2.4 million units, while Amazon shipped 1.2 million Kindle Fires to take third place on the market.

Asus shipped 855,454 tablets, someway above its total of 397,048 units last year (note: the Nexus 7 was not accounted for in this study), but it was Acer who struggled to most to attract new buyers. The Taiwanese vendor saw tablet shipments decline from 629,222 units in Q2 of last year to just under 400,000 a year later.

With the iPad Mini, the Surface and Windows 8 tablets set to boost the tablet market imminently, IDC expects the tablet market to become more competitive in the second half of 2012.

However, the firm has warned that the addition of these devices, as well as Amazon’s next Kindle Fire, could cause customer confusion.

"If anything, there's a real risk that people will have too many options from which to choose this holiday season,” said Bob O’Donnell, program VP of clients and displays at IDC.

“Consumers baffled by the differences between Amazon and Google versions of Android, or Windows 8 and Windows RT, may well default to market leader Apple. Or they may simply choose to remain on the sideline for another cycle."


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