If your mobile strategy isn’t working maybe it’s because no one is leading it

September 27, 2013
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Appcelerator’s survey found that only 7% of those surveyed employ someone in charge of mobile such as a VP of Mobility or Mobile Strategist. Another 8% said they plan to employ such a person, while 85% said they have no plans to employ anyone with full-time responsibility for mobile. 

While it’s not clear you can connect the dots from not having a mobile leader to confidence in a company’s mobile strategy, the Appcelerator survey showed only a minority (24%) considered their company to be ahead of their competitors when it comes to mobile. Only 16% said they are “a mobile first company” and 25% said they were behind their competition.

The biggest percentage (35%) said they are on par with their competition.

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BYOD and enterprise app stores

IT departments have had to deal with a growing number of personally-owned devices used in the enterprise (the so-called BYOD phenomena) and related software. One solution to give IT more control is the development of internal enterprise app stores that would control the distribution and use of authorized apps within the organization.

The idea has been picking up steam and the Appcelerator survey shows there is definitely interest with half of those surveyed saying their company plans to write apps that will go into a private enterprise app store.

One of the challenges of mobile delivery however are the many platforms that need to be supported. In Appcelerator’s survey, 34% said they support three or more operating systems – 20% (four or more), 8% (five or more). But a fair number of firms, 23%, tow the line, only supporting one OS.

(50% of those surveyed identified themselves as either an IT director or manager or a CEO. Development Director, Marketing Director, Developer, VP and Enterprise Architects were among the top 8 titles of those surveyed) 

Developing for Windows? Not so much

Asked what apps they were “very interested in building for” those surveyed gave iPhone and iPad (80% each) and Android phones (71%) a clear thumbs up.

HTML 5 mobile web apps came in next at 60% followed by Android tablets and Nexus devices at 59% and 40% respectively.

Windows trailed the pack badly with only 26% expressing high interest in developing for Windows phones and 25% for Windows tablets.


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