Illinois school district to spend almost $1.5 million on iPads for 7,000 students

February 20, 2013

The Daily Herald reports that the school district has come to this decision after concluding a successful pilot program, in which it deployed iPad 2s to 1,500 students last fall.

The one-to-one scheme saw the district report improvements when it came to saving in paper and class time, making classroom activities more engaging and students and teachers better organized. One teacher remarked that the iPad had helped to improve reading scores, while another said that his students were revising more often.

As a result, the Palatine-Schaumberg High School District 211 will first deploy fourth-generation iPads to 6-7,000 students in the next school year, with these being paid for by the district on a three-year lease costing between $1.25 million and $1.43 million.

The school district — the largest in Illinois — eventually hopes to expand iPad usage to cover 50% of school students before getting the Apple tablet into the hands of school officials by academic year 2014-2015. A full roll-out of the iPads is then expected as soon as teachers have been trained up on the device.


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