Indie dev creates a free, endless iOS version of a Steam game that just got Greenlit

April 8, 2014
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John Mad Run stars John, rather than Joan, and has just a fraction of the levels and weapons. It's meant to serve as a demo of sorts to the full game, which was recently approved on Steam's Greenlight crowdsourcing platform.

"In order to let people feel a bit of the atmosphere and get ready for the great battle, we created a free iOS version with an alternate character," developer Happymagenta wrote in an email today. "While Joan Mad Run will have a large variety of locations and insane amount of weapons with unique death effects, John presents rough and bloody minimalism."

Steam Greenlight is still a new platform, and developers are feeling out how best to take advantage of it. Releasing a truncated, but still fun, version of an unfinished game on a different platform seems to be a new one. But if John Mad Run is any good it could well succeed in drumming up interest for Joan.

Either way, we'll find out tomorrow, when the gory endless runner game John Mad Run arrives on iOS totally free with no in-app purchases.


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