Online consumers prefer browsers to apps, tablet owners shop most for electronics [infographic]

January 16, 2012

The study found that just 4% prefer to shop using mobile apps on their tablets or smartphones, with 87% preferring to buy from websites on their PCs or laptops instead. Zmags said that 14% prefer of mobile consumers prefer to shop via mobile websites on their smartphones, with this figure falling to 9% for doing the same tasks on a tablet.

Zmags' report also tackled tablet spending by category, and found that 53% of tablet-owning consumers shop for electronics on their tablet. After electronics, toy shoppers (39%) most embraced tablet shopping, followed by those shopping for clothing (37%) and travel (26%).

As already reported (see below), Zmags' report indicated that 87% of tablet owners used their device to do 2011 holiday shopping, with these users spending an average of $325 on their tablets.

Zmags' report is entitled “Meet the Connected Consumer: How Tablets, Smartphones and Facebook are Changing the Ways Consumers Shop” and is now available for download. A neat infographic on the spending can be found below.


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