InMobi: Tablet advert impressions rose by 771% in 2011

January 18, 2012

The firm’s Mobile Market 2011 Review indicated that North America was a fair amount ahead of the global average, as smartphone impressions in this region increased by 625%, with mobile impressions as a whole increasing by 366% year-on-year.

The mobile advertising network put the growth of smartphones, tablets and like-minded devices down to the huge surge in the number of in-app adverts, and revealed that tablet impressions increased by 771% to reach 11.2 billion impressions.

"Mobile technologies have empowered the development of the media and advertising market and pushed consumer acceptance of media consumption through emerging channels,” said James Lamberti, VP of global research & marketing at InMobi.

“Advertisers are now on board with this trend and we expect to see strong innovation in this space as consumers spend more time on mobile devices and less on PCs."

In terms of advertising by operating system, InMobi found that Android took the lead in 2011, with a 21% share of mobile impressions on InMobi’s network. Conversely, Apple contributed to 17% of impressions, although the firm’s impression share spiked to 23.4% in North America, mainly spurred by the release of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

An ad impression is generally the number of times an advert has been served to a user’s browser, and acts under the assumption that this advert is then viewed by qualified reader. InMobi has released an interesting infographic on its data, which can be seen below.


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