Insperity launches iPad program for salespeople with an ‘Oprah’ moment

April 29, 2013

The news sent the crowd of more than 350 people into a frenzy. Sales reps with the 27-year-old company previously known as Administaff could now use iPads to present to prospects and existing clients details on Insperity’s human resource and other outsourcing services to companies as small as 10 people.

The company also specializes in payroll, employee benefits, insurance, government compliance, employee training and development, and worker’s compensation. The portability and rich graphic display was well received by staff at the convention.

“With the technology at our fingertips we are able to share tips to help the businesses run better, so they can grow faster,” Ross Astramecki, vice president of sales at Insperity told TabTimes.

With iPads in hand, he says the Insperity staff can now show prospective clients quick and easy demos without having to haul a laptop. This usually translates to the business owners learning about how to create great, technology rich environments for their employees and even customers to be more engaged, Astramecki added.

Early executive buy in

The Genesis of the announcement and program started back in 2012 after Insperity executives and sales management had been working with iPad 2 and iPad 3 tablets they brought in from home. The company had already shifted some of its workforce to iPhone devices so adding iPads to its list of approved work devices took little effort, he adds.

“The iPads are currently an adjunct to a sales person’s smartphone and laptop but I could see it replacing one of these devices one day based on price and convenience,” says Astramecki.

The rollout had to happen after the sales convention over two week period, he added, because the IT department needed time to set up the appropriate iTunes accounts an install specific apps for the sales teams to use.

Partners in sales

In addition to its own ExpensAble Office suite of products, Insperity offers salespeople integration with Microsoft Outlook tools, Google Docs, OneForce (an advanced systems format CRM tool developed internally), WebEx for conference calls, Xactly for sales goal tracking, and SlideShark for visual presentations.

Each of the iPads is equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi networks to ensure sals have access to corporate files anywhere they go. The devices are issued by the IT department and managed by them as well, Astramecki says.

There are different tiers of permissions set up by IT, Astramecki says. ”Upper management and sales leaders have fewer restrictions but the software prevents the loss of proprietary information and the IT department pushes the permissions to each device all at one.

Outside of the usual productivity gains by being able to share and manipulate data on the iPad screen, Astramecki added that the salespeople are less encumbered with a tablet than with the previous strategy.

“Our sales teams do not need to be anchored to their research in the office,” Astramecki says. “They used to need to carry a box of brochures and other marketing demonstration products. All of that has now been replaced by these iPad devices. So we save paper, time and money.”

Astramecki says he expects more insight into Insperity’s iPad deployment about a year from now.


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