Instapaper app developer unimpressed by Microsoft’s Surface tablet

October 30, 2012

Airing his views on his official blog, Arment went into great detail on how both his local Microsoft retail store and Surface failed to live up to expectations.

Taking aim at the un-named store he visited, the iOS developer criticised the shop for being "embarrassingly" similar to a nearby Apple Store and slammed the store's workers for being "overly enthusiastic" and for conducting "aggressive" demos.

That was just the start of the criticism, with Arment then turning his attention to Microsoft's Surface RT tablet.

The Instapaper CEO slammed Microsoft’s creation for being "dense", slow to rotate, for having "sluggish" apps for Maps and Office and a camera which could be assumed to be broken. There was also a dismissal of the Surface’s display quality and the touchscreen gesture control.

Arment said that the keyboards were decent but not particularly memorable, and while he preferred the Type Cover, he said that the design meant you couldn't rest your fingers on the keyboard without triggering erroneous key presses.

In conclusion, Arment suggested that he’ll be sticking to developing iOS apps for a while yet.

“It’s not for me at all. Not even for testing, experimenting, or curiosity," said Arment.

“It feels too much like using a Windows PC, which was exactly Microsoft’s intention, and it will appeal to people who want that. But that’s a world I fled 8 years ago with no intention of returning."


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