Insurance agents get new mobile “Illustration” tool for tablets and smartphones

November 7, 2011
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Launched Monday, Life Illustration Express Mobile from ING Life lets agents instantly run illustrations and compare premium quotes for multiple term and universal life insurance products simultaneously making it easier for clients to see the various options. 

The web-based tool is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and, says ING, requires very little training. Agents simply launch the mobile tool from their web browser and add Life Illustration Express Mobile to their home screen for easy access.  There is no login required, so agents can easily enter their clients' criteria and are instantly able to compare term and universal life products. It’s also designed so that results can be immediately emailed to clients for review, simplifying the sales process. 

"ING's new Life Illustration Express Mobile leverages the latest advances in mobile and smart phone technology and allows agents to respond to their clients in real time with illustrations and quotes,” said Kurt Fasen, Senior Vice President of ING Insurance Sales Support, in a release.

The mobile release is in addition to ING’s desktop software platform, ING Presents. ING also rolled out the web version of Life Illustration Express in 2008, which made it much more efficient for agents to get life illustrations for multiple term and universal life products at the same time from any web browser.  


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