Intel COO Krzanich: We’re ready to start making chips for tablets

March 14, 2012

"We will start to see more and more of our capacity and output go to things that are mobile, like phones and tablets and other devices," Krzanich told Reuters. 

Krzanich was named COO in January 2012. For the past year, Intel has touted the relative strengths of its mobile computing chips, including the planned debut of it 22-nanometer "Ivy Bridge" processors, which will be the first to market with the chipmaker's new Tri-Gate transistor architecture. 

The company has also forged partnerships with Motorola Mobility and Google based on optimizing the Android mobile OS for its line of Atom processors. 

While Intel dominates the desktop and laptop market, making inroads into the tablet space won't be easy, given the dominance held by ARM-based chips, which are in every currently shipping tablet today. 

The wildcard for Intel will be the release of Windows 8 tablets later this year and early in 2013. While Microsoft appears to be going out of its way to accommodate ARM-based architectures, it remains possible and probably likely that at least some PC manufacturers will utilize Intel's Atom CPU in Win8 tablet products. 


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