Intel dismisses the tablet, but is ultra-excited about UltraBooks

January 3, 2012

Engadget reports that in a note to internal sources, Intel technical marketing engineer Shirley Chen complained that the tablet has too small a screen, miniscule local storage and limited performance when compared to that of a traditional PC.

"Tablets have introduced some great features that support some of these use cases with longer battery life and touch capabilities in order to provide a more enriched experience," wrote Chen.

“However the screens are still small, local storage is generally miniscule and restrictive, and tablets lack performance compared to that of a traditional PC."

Chen also took aim at laptops, saying that they are 'too big' and 'place power and performance above user experience'. Chen said that UltraBooks fill the gap between desktop/laptop and tablet, and proclaimed Intel to be 'reinventing the PC again'.


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