Intel’s next gen tablet chip revealed in leaked roadmap slides

November 19, 2012
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An allegedly leaked slide of Intel’s roadmap shows what features to expect from Bay Trail, the successor to Intel’s current Clover Trail Atom chip that powers many of the latest Windows 8 tablets (though not Windows RT tablets that are based on ARM designs).

Bay Trail will come loaded with a Quad core CPU and DirectX 11-capable GPU, according to a report by Mobile Geeks.

Intel is said to already be talking to OEMs about developing for the new processor, though it won’t appear in new devices until 2014. Intel is also expected to start sharing details about it publicly at the January, 2013 CES convention.

According to the slides, Bay Trail could be attractive to game developers because it offers support for display resolutions of 2560 × 1600. There will also be the option to include 3D cameras in a Bay Trail-powered device.

While Bay Trail offers the possibility of a stereoscopic camera for shooting professional grade 1080p videos at 60 frames-per-second, it’s not clear if such a feature will gain popularity in tablets, which typically aren’t used to shoot video. 


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