Intel pushes to set the education tablet pace – releases 7- and 10-inch Android reference design

August 13, 2013

Intel invests in quite a bit of R&D to create reference designs in hopes they will help its hardware partners create new computers based on Intel chips. 

The Intel Education tablet weighs 1.5 pounds and sports a 10-inch screen has a dual-core Intel Atom Z2460 processor, Android 4.0 and over 6.5 hours of battery life.  Another version has a 7-inch screen, single-core Z2460 Atom processor, Android 4.1 and nearly 8 hours of battery life. 

The smaller tablet weighs only .78 pounds and both tablets are equipped with McAfee Mobile Security. Also, the screens have even been designed with shock-absorbers to cushion them in the event of a drop.

Software includes eLearning tools Intel says are designed to make classrooms more engaging, including an e-Reader, science exploration and data analysis application, painting tools and accessories, snap-on magnification lens and a plug-in thermal probe.

An Intel official made clear Intel has a long term interest in seeing education tablets succeed.

"Intel remains committed to helping teachers and students achieve better results through the development of complete solutions that span the hardware, software and digital content required for a 21st century learning experience," said John Galvin, VP of Intel's Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Intel Education. "The tablet we are introducing is one additional step in a 10 year journey."


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