iOS 8 to include features designed to track and improve your health

February 3, 2014

Hints are starting to appear as to what Apple has in mind for the next version of iOS for iPhone and iPad. One thing that seems very unlikely is any significant design changes in look and feel since iOS 7 was already such a major departure that users are still absorbing.

More likely, the iOS 8 update will bring a collection of new features and also facilitate connections to new sensors and devices (iWatch anyone?).

A report quoting unidentified sources in 9to5Mac says there will be a major focus on fitness tracking, health tracking and sensors including the addition of a "Healthbook" app in 2014.

The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant also reportedly has a growing medical devices research team and recently hired Michael O'Reilly, the ex-chief medical officer at pulse oximeter firm Masimo Corp.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also made references to opportunities in mobile payments so don't be surprised if iOS 8 includes some new ecommerce features that leverage the huge and growing billing relationship with customers Apple already has.

Per usual there are no official details available from Apple on this. But a likely release, or at least pre-release details of iOS 8, would be at Apple's annual WWDC worldwide developers which last year was held in June.

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