iOS apps have bulked up since the launch of the new iPad, finds study

October 17, 2012
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The extra weight of the average iPad app (now 23MB each) was in part put down to the new iPad’s Retina Display, although ABI Research did also note that Apple may have become a bit more ‘liberal’ with file sizes when it comes to app submissions.

Gaming apps were fatter at an average of 60MB, representing a six-month increase of 42%, while the 'weight' of Android apps rose 10% to around 6MBs.

The study also showed that Android gaming apps nearly quadrupled in size to 40MB on average.

ABI Research senior analyst Aapo Markkanen believes that Apple and Google's increasing lenience towards bigger apps has had an 'unleashing effect' on developers, but reckons the increasing size of apps could cause concern for smartphone and tablet owners restricted to limited local storage.

“Especially the consumers with 16GB devices are likely to become more conscious about what apps to keep and what to uninstall, so the developers’ bar to impress will be getting even higher than it is now.

"This could also speed up the adoption of the mobile cloud as a storage remedy quite significantly.”


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