iPad 2 owners frustrated by new power-sapping bug on iOS 7.0.3

November 6, 2013
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Sources told TabTimes that their iPad wouldn’t recharge at all since updating to iOS 7.0.3 and this has also been reflected on the Apple forums, where a number of other commentators have voiced their concern.

“Updated to iOS 7.0.3 yesterday [and] now it won't charge,” said user ‘jmuchel’. “I already reset. You would think that Apple would test these things before sending out updates.” Another poster said that they’d regularly encountered this issue – which can apparently be resolved by heading to ‘reset all settings’ — since upgrading to iOS 7

“I have the same issue”, wrote ‘pammy95’. “I actually had to restore my iPad after the update. I have tried different plugs, outlets, resetting, and restoring, again. Nothing has worked. It does seem to keep its charge while it is plugged in. But it won't charge.”

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Apple surprised most tech pundits by keeping the iPad 2 in circulating when announcing the iPad Air last month. Despite the second-gen tablet only offering limited functionality on iOS 7, some commentators have argued that Apple has retained the tablet to differentiate the iPad family or to target the education vertical specifically.

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