Rumor: iPad 5 ‘will debut on June 18’

April 16, 2013
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This news comes after tech blogger claimed to have discovered a purported mould of the tablet's case in the Far East.

The mould shows that the iPad will have narrower bezels like the iPad mini, while the source of the mould claims that the iPad 5 will be announced on June 18 before going on sale on June 27.

While we have not heard of this source before and so do not know its trustworthiness when it comes to reporting rumors like these, the announcement date does at least look reasonable. Apple is expected to hold its Worldwide Developers Conference from 10-14 June, so presumably the new iPad could launch alongside iOS 7 at the event.

Previous reports have claimed that Apple was to launch the new iPad, possibly along with the iPad mini 2, in March, while more recent information had suggested that Apple was to hold an iPad launch event in April.


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