iPad and Android tablet users will average over 31 downloads per year: ABI Research report

April 24, 2012
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The study finds that most media tablet users will download at least a few dozen apps per year on average. By 2016 ABI expects 80% of tablet app downloads will be focused in four areas: games, digital publishing, social networking and ecommerce. 

"Media tablet app consumption will mimic smartphone app use in some ways, but in many ways, it will be very different," says ABI Research senior analyst Mark Beccue. “Digital publishing of books, magazines, and newspapers will flourish on media tablets in a way never seen on smartphones. 

Beccue also says he expects consumers to increasingly choose more versatile tablets over dedicated eBook readers over the next four years. 

“Leveraging unparalleled interactivity and design, publishers will gain new readers, including seniors (ages 60+) — who won't need custom, large-print publications anymore — and children (ages 1-9),” Beccue said. 

ABI Research expects ecommerce to be “transformed” by media tablets as significant numbers of consumers move from desktop computers to the new devices to do their online shopping. 

Ecommerce will continue to require websites, but ABI's "iPad, Android Tablet Apps" report predicts apps will become increasingly important to shoppers who will take full advantage of the media tablet's touchscreen interface and even camera and microphone capabilities.


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