iPad bashers memorialized at iPad Death Watch

April 4, 2013
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But a fair segment of media reporting has been down on the iPad for years starting with  its debut when, when, among other negative reports, TheStreet headlined its story “Behold the Apple iFlop”.

On the occasion of this week’s third anniversary of the first iPad being available, Fortune’s Philip Elmer DeWitt took note of a regularly updated blog called iPad Death Watch.

The author, Terry Gregory at AAPLInvestor, keeps track of negative coverage of the iPad and he’s found some doozies.

“After a whirlwind decade, Apple’s sales growth is slowing down. Is the faithful Apple customer getting bored with the company’s technology or possibly, just more desirous of its rivals’ products? It’s three years today that the iPad came onto the scene, but since then, the company hasn’t turned in a truly revolutionary new product.”

– Christina Scolaro, Yahoo Big Data Download, 3 April 2013

There are signs that Apple’s grip on tablets has been weakened among consumers, who are buying more devices made by Samsung and Amazon. Now the trend is trickling into the business market.”

- Amir Efrati, WSJ BLOGS, 26 February 2013

“The strength of Apple’s iPad business is collapsing as lower priced, smaller tablets eat into sales.”
Citi Analysts, quoted in Business Insider, 12 February 2013

“What’s going on with Apple the company? The bad news is this: For the first time, every other company has caught up with it on hardware. Feature for feature – the latest Amazon) Kindle Fire is better than the latest iPad. It’s got better wireless (two antennas), better speakers, better screens, better lighting (less glare), better content display, just as good Internet browsing, and so on.”

- James Altucher, Seeking Alpha, 27 January 2013

That’s just a sampling, there are lots more dating back to 2010, though much of it probably shows Gregory’s bias in favor of investor sites and analyst reports where many of the quotes come from.


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