iPad Mini ad campaign wins design award for magazines

June 19, 2013
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The ad campaign was created by TBWA Media Arts Lab. 

As noted by Ad Age, each of five print ads features a different magazine's cover at the left, and the same cover within an iPad Mini at the right, with a small Apple logo and the tiny words iPad Mini at the bottom. 

The covers were from real issues of Time, Surfer, Wired, the New Yorker and Wallpaper. 

"It has a kind of guerrilla feeling," said jury president Marcello Serpa. "It's a product that goes inside the media and says I'm going to kill you, [then] I'm going to save you. Let's embrace. It's redemption." 

Serpa said in the Ad Age piece that though the tablet once seemed designed to kill magazines, it's now offering a kind of redemption by enabling readership of print products.


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