Leaked Samsung document suggests iPad ‘Mini’ is set for Q3 debut

March 5, 2012

The document states that Apple “plans in 1Q12 to launch the iPad3” but then goes onto reveal that the company will launch “in 3Q12, a new 7-inch product temporarily referred to as the iPad mini.”

This is the latest bit of news to push the possibility that Apple may launch a smaller iPad sometime later in the year, with Taiwanese source Digitimes recently quoting the same Q3 time-frame.

If the new device turns out to be true, it would represent a change in approach from the Apple under the stewardship of the late Steve Jobs, who dismissed 7-inch tablets as a size that “isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps.” Jobs also amusingly advised users to “sand down their fingers” so that they could control the smaller touchscreen.


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