iPad Pro speculation picks up steam – Apple expected to address tablet productivity in 2014

December 16, 2013

In his annual predictions column for Techpinions, a site run by his son and TabTimes columnist Ben Bajarin, Bajarin, an analyst and President of Creative Strategies, says Microsoft and Google are ramping up their efforts to attract business users to their Surface and Nexus tablets.

“I can’t imagine Apple sitting still and letting these competitors gain ground on them ….” says Bajarin.

Following the release of the iPad Air in October, analysts began speculating Apple’s next move would be to release a so-called “iPad Pro” with a bigger, 12.9-inch screen and other features designed to make Apple’s tablet more of a productivity device.

“I have no clue about its design, although some think it might be what they call an iPad Pro while others think it could be some type of convertible,” said Bajarin. “I am not sure what it will be but I suspect that whatever it is it will be a surprise to all.”

In conclusion he predicted that whatever Apple releases in this category will have a major negative impact on traditional Windows laptop sales in 2014.

“I think total sales of laptops could be off as much as 20-30 million units in 2014 over this year,” said Bajarin.

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