Study reveals the iPad rules the iPhone for mobile web traffic

September 28, 2012

The study discovered that the iPad represented 98.1% of the 29.5 million unique impressions over 1,200 websites in the week to September 20, with the same tablet users also spending 56.9% more time on each web surfing session than those with iPhones.

As well as dominating the tablet market Onswipe found that the iPad took a considerable 54.5% share of overall mobile web traffic, more than doubling the iPhone’s 19.05%, an impressive feat considering there are more iPhones than there are iPads.

Most of the iPad’s tablet rivals failed to make any dent on its leadership, with Samsung’s entire collection of Galaxy Tabs coming second with a paltry 1.53% of all tablet Internet traffic.

Despite this dominance by Apple, the figures did illustrate that Kindle Fire users were more willing to engage with web content, spending 79% more time on each page visit compared to iPad users. The same users also looked at 138% more page views than iPad owners.


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