iPad dominates mobile web traffic as study shows sharing habits are changing on smaller tablets

November 8, 2012

The study shows that 54.5% of all mobile web traffic now comes from the iPad, almost triple that of the iPhone (19.05%), with Apple's tablet also taking a considerable 98.1% stake for tablet web traffic.

Onswipe also reveals that iPad users have longer web sessions than those with iPhones or other smartphones.

However, if all that data arguably backs up the firm's previous data from September, the company then detailed the differences in how 7-inch and 10-inch tablet users share content with their friends and family.

For the firm says that as users "transition" from 10-inch tablets to “mini” tablets, tablet owners are increasingly taking to Facebook or Twitter, rather than email, to share their content.

Figures show that 42% of "mini" tablet owners share content on Facebook, compared to 32% for those with larger slates, with Twitter sharing reaching 24% and 13% respectively.  

Email, though, remains a real favorite for 10-inch tablet owners (48%), although a reasonable number of smaller device owners (29%) also share content via some sort of email client.


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