iPad stomps competitors in ecommerce

May 22, 2013
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Apple has attracted competitors aplenty in the three years since the iPad debuted, chipping away at its once dominant share of the market. But when it comes to ecommerce, a new report says it’s no contest, the iPad owns the market.

Monetate’s latest Ecommerce Quarterly report shows that the iPad still accounts for nearly 9 out of every 10 tablets that browse e-commerce websites.

The iPad’s share is actually down a bit from a year ago, when it had 91.68% of e-commerce traffic. Android tablets grew from 4.75% a year ago to 8.20% in the first quarter.

 iPad users also spend the most. Monetate’s figures show iPad users make an average order valued at $99.05, while Android tablets took second on a per-order basis at $95.48. Kindle Fire came in third with $83.58.

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