iPad leaves other enterprise tablet competitors in the dust

March 13, 2012

More than one-in-five companies (22%) of the 1,604 business IT buyers ChangeWave surveyed said they plan to buy tablets in the second quarter of 2012 and of those a whopping 84% said the tablets they intend purchase are iPads. 

The 84% for iPad is a 7% bump up since ChangeWave’s last quarterly report. 

Ironically, some of Apple’s biggest competitors, such as Dell, HP and Lenovo,  have barely made a dent in the enterprise tablet market even though they’ve invested far more specifically targeting corporate buyers. Instead, Apple’s kind of “build it and they will come” approach has both consumers and business buyers clamoring to buy the iPad. 

“That’s one of the most astounding marketing realities of the 21st century,” says Paul Carton, director of research at ChangeWave. “Apple is so out front in satisfaction ratings in tablets that nobody else has been able to compete with them. We keep looking, but no one else has really arrived. A company like Samsung is logical, but as soon as they get a little momentum, Apple chops them down by releasing a new iPad.” 

In fact, the ChangeWave survey showed the impending release of the new iPad is having an impact on business purchases of tablets made by other manufacturers. Rather than gaining on Apple, the ChangeWave survey shows an across-the-board decline in next quarter buying of tablets from other manufacturers.

For example Samsung with at 8% is down 2% from last quarter’s report and remains a distant second to Apple’s iPad in planned tablet buying.

The ChangeWave survey also asked those companies planning to buy tablets next quarter which wireless service – if any – their company will be using. AT&T topped the list at 30% followed closely by Verizon at 29%. Sprint came in third place at 4%. 

ChangeWave Research is a service of 451 Research. Chris Hazelton, research director for mobile and wireless at 451 Research, will be speaking on tablet deployment issues at the TabTimes Tablet Strategy conference in New York on April 27. 


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