Study: The young and elderly will help iPad use to double this year

June 11, 2012

The firm believes that iPad use in the US will almost double this year, rising 90% to 53.2 million users, before jumping up again to 91 million by 2015 – a figure which would represent almost a third of all internet users in the USA if achieved.

Although the researcher forecasts annual growth rates to dip slightly as the tablet market becomes more saturated, the firm doesn’t see Apple losing significant market share anytime soon and expects the iPad to hold a 76% market share in 2012, before sliding slightly to 71.2% by 2013 and 68% in 2014 and 2015.

eMarketer also had some very interesting stats on who is using Apple’s iPad, and says that the fastest growth among tablet users as a whole is coming from both the young (under 12 years old) and the elderly (over 65 years old). That said, the company believes that 25-44 year old folk will remain the most likely to use a tablet in 2012.


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