iPads and iPhones get a ‘real’ business insurance protection app

December 24, 2012
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The new Mobile Rhino app offers six points of protection including coverage for loss, theft, ID theft, accidental damage, electrical and mechanical malfunctions. The coverage is available to individuals, business and schools.

Many carriers offer buyer protection programs from companies like Asurion, but Mobile Rhino’s creator Dwight Stuckey says Asurion has a much higher deductible of $144 – $199 for device replacement versus the $99 Mobile Rhino charges for iPad or iPhone.

Another distinction is the inclusion of Mobile Rhino’s Digital Life protection that extends beyond device replacement. Once a claim is filed for a lost or stolen device, Mobile Rhino can help the user wipe their device and provides personal privacy monitoring to protect against ID theft.

“There are a ton of tablets out there, but no other insurance program is available through licensed agents, and there are warranties like Apple Care that’s not the same as insurance,” said Stuckey who’s company Stuckey & Company provides a range of specialty insurance products.

Mobile Rhino is sold and managed through a downloadable mobile app and is said to the first mobile device insurance product available for sale through licensed insurance agents. It’s underwritten by Chartis/AIG and Sedgwick serves as its third-party claims administrator.

The company says it will deliver a replacement device within 24 hours of a claim being filed. “If the claim is filed by 2 p.m. Central Standard Time and the deductible paid, we’ll have the replacement device, the same model, to you by 2 pm the next day,” said Stuckey.


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