IT manager at Lockheed Martin explains why he’s sticking with Windows 7 tablet

March 18, 2013

But Lampe’s criticism of Microsoft’s Surface Pro will hardly be music to the software giant’s ear.

Lampe voluntarily ditched the laptop Lockheed gave him in favor of a Samsung 700T running a slightly modified version of his corporate Windows 7 image.

"I am one of very few people working in a large corporation and using a Windows 7 tablet as a daily driver," Lampe told InformationWeek in an interview via email.

He might eventually upgrade to Windows 8, but is in no rush to do so. As for Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, he said the current model is going to be a tough sell to big organizations like defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

"I'm not sure the Surface Pro will ultimately be successful in the enterprise environment without some changes,” he said in the interview.

“Having to deal with the kickstand, keyboard, et cetera and then adding a third-party dock or network adapter just sounds like too much trouble, especially when I can install Windows 8 on my current device and possibly have a better overall experience even without the keyboard.

“Add to that the long lead time for big companies to federate a burn for a new OS and the Surface isn't likely to be coming in our doors any time soon."


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