Time to upgrade your iPad? Half of iOS devs are working on iOS 7-only app updates

August 5, 2013

Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry recently asked fellow developers about how they intend to support iOS 7, the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The results that came back weren’t just interesting in gauging developers’ appetite for the update but also shone a light on how older Apple products could get left behind for app updates.

Of the 575 valid responses he received, a significant 95% (545) said that they were working on an iOS 7-only update, while a poignant 284 (52%) said that their app updates would require devices to be running iOS 7.0.

This news is likely to come as a blow to owners of both the original iPad and iPad 2. The former model will not update to the new operating system, while the second-generation tablet only gets a handful of features, including support for Siri and iTunes Radio.

“If you’re a consumer of apps, this is great news: it’s likely that your favorite apps will be ready for action come this fall,” wrote Hockenberry on a blog post.

“If you’re someone who has a device that’s a couple of years old, now’s the time to start thinking about upgrading. Many apps will require a device capable of running iOS 7.”


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