Japanese mobile game company DeNA expands to manga hosting

December 6, 2013
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Manga Box is free, and it lets users read the twelve most recent issues or the first 100 pages of the first volume of popular Japanese manga comics series. New issues will be added daily and the app has 28 titles at launch. Many are in both Japanese and English, and DeNA plans to add more languages later.

The Japanese comics known as manga are extremely popular in DeNA's home country, and with Manga Box DeNA hopes to recreate the success it saw during the early days of mobile games.

"DeNA believes the fusion of mobile Internet and entertainment creates new business opportunity for us like it did with games," a DeNA spokesperson told The Next Web.

DeNA's initial success came from browser-based mobile games before the boom of app stores, and since then it's expanded into other businesses with messaging app Comm and a music service called Groovy.

As part oft he Manga initiative DeNA will also sell printed books and e-books for each title, as well as merchandise and film adaptations. The company hopes these and other efforts will lead users to DeNA’s other services.

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