Jumptap: Kindle Fire snagged 33% of tablet ad traffic in January

March 6, 2012

Jumptap’s figures indicate that Google (58.8%) and Apple (32.2%) are dominating across its US ad network of approximately 95 million monthly users. RIM’s BlackBerry platform slid to a share of 6.7% of impressions in February, while Microsoft’s Windows Mobile was behind even Symbian (1.4%) at 0.5%.

There was much brighter news in the tablet space, and for Amazon in particular. Jumptap said that tablet ad impressions on its network have increased by 50% since December, and stated that Amazon's Kindle Fire has increased its share from 4% to 33% of all tablet ad impressions over the same time-frame. Clearly, the rise of Amazon has had an adverse effect on tablet rivals, with Apple's share, 48%, falling to its lowest level in four months.

Amazon only launched the Fire, which is heavily skinned with the Silk UI on top of Android 2.3, in November of last year, which makes the results all the more impressive.


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