Jumptap says tablet network traffic grew over 200% led by Amazon’s Kindle Fire

February 2, 2012

It wasn’t only directly after Christmas either; the Jumptap MobileStat report shows a whopping 263% increase in network traffic the day after New Years,  January 2, 2012. 

The biggest winner in terms of network growth was Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Jumptap estimates Kindle Fire had a 10% share of the tablet market on December 1, but finished out the year at 30%. 

For all of 2011, Jumptap says the mobile ad industry broke the billion dollar barrier for the first time, which may presage bigger growth to come. For example, Jumptap notes 1998 was the first year online ad spending eclipsed $1 billion followed by what the company says was hockey stick growth that outpaced what analysts had predicted.

“Mobile is quickly becoming the primary access point of the Internet. Advertisers have seen this movie before with PC based digital advertising and are allocating mobile budgets that are larger and larger,” said Paran Johar, Jumptap’s chief marketing officer. “The surge in tablet adoption rates and rise in mobile subscribers support the expectations that mobile will eventually outpace online.”


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