Report: Nine in ten iPad ads are ripped straight from print editions

April 12, 2012

The firm revealed that most apps from publishers fail to open up to all of its print advertisers, and reckons that most apps are only able to feature 60% of their print ads.  This figure does seem to vary wildly however, with the UK-based researcher claiming that some ad loads vary from 10% up to 150%.

As to be expected, the most interactive tablet ads would seem to appear in those more tech-savvy publications like Popular Science and Wired, although Kantar says that the auto segment is also active with these kind of ads (Indeed, we’ve seen some impressive ads come from this area, notably from Land Rover – DD). The firm says that the pharmaceutical industry is slow behind the trend for interactive iPad ads, despite being a 'top five ad category for the magazine industry'.

The researcher says that nine in ten magazine publishers opt to push across the print ads to their app offerings, and said that those working with interactive ads are often failing to take device orientation into account. Kantar says that the majority of ads contained the same product, text and images, and the positioning and cropping only changed slightly when the tablet was rotated. The firm said that only half of iPad apps analysed provided both portrait and landscape options for the creative.

Kantar Media studied around 150 tablet editions in January and February 2012 from 52 publications. As of February, the research found that 110 of the top publishers analyzed had an iPad app, 65 of which had iPad-specific editions with exclusive digital content.

The full report is now available from Kantar Media.


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