Kensington expands iPad & iPhone accessory line – TriFold Folio Case, Proximo device tracker

January 8, 2013
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The new Kensington TriFold Folio Case for the iPad is a thin, hard case designed to protect and cushion all sides and corners of the tablet. The unique multi-position stand holds the iPad securely in both the landscape and vertical views more suitable for typing.

Available for the iPad in black, grey, red or brown the TriFold Folio Case ($49.99) includes a microfiber screen cleaning cloth integrated into the protective screen cover and stand. It also automatically “wakes and sleeps” the iPad when you open and close the cover and is compatible with the latest Retina Display iPads as well as the iPad 2.

Power play

On the power front, Kensington has also released the PowerBolt 4.2 Dual Fast Charge ($34.99) which lets you charge two iPads from one auto power outlet. The Charge also works with the iPod, iPhone and the iPad mini.

Kensington says the Charge’s dual 2.1 AMP USB ports allow for fast simultaneous charging in the shortest time safely possible.

Another new charger, the Kensington PowerBolt 2.1 Fast Charge ($29.99), is designed to charge the latest “4th generation” iPad or iPad mini from a vehicle’s power outlet. It will also charge iPhone 5, iPod nano 7 and the iPod touch 5.

Find your iPhone, keys and more with Proximo

Kensington also released Proximo, an App-enabled proximity monitoring system that helps iPhone 5/4S owners know where their smartphone, keys and valuables are at all times.

Juan Rodriguez, Senior Global Product Manager, at Kensington says the company saw an opportunity to develop a unique solution to a problem many users have, keeping track of their devices and valuables. He said Proximo was “completely developed in-house. We’ve had Bluetooth as part of our DNA for a long time.”

Proximo works by setting up a wireless connection between the iPhone and key Fob or Tag via Bluetooth. Proximo’s App dashboard is “always on” and can track up to five items concurrently. The proximity distance (sensitivity) of each key Fob and Tag can be personalized. Proximo’s App dashboard shows the proximity of each Fob and Tag. Pushing a button on the Fob or tapping “Find Fob” icon from the Proximo App dashboard triggers an alarm that helps the user locate their phone, keys or other valuable items.

The Proximo Starter Kit, $59.99 lets you track multiple valuables with a “last-seen” map pin-drop feature, an active proximity dashboard and extended battery life on both its Fob and Tag. If you want to track additional items – like a briefcase, a handbag, or even a car – Kensington offers a separate, single Proximo Tag you can add to your kit. 


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