Kindle Fire buyers ready to spend more, says ChangeWave survey of new owners

February 6, 2012

In a new ChangeWave Research survey of Kindle Fire owners and others, almost a third (29%) of those owning the Amazon tablet said they plan to spend more at Amazon’s online site over the next 90 days compared to 19% of non-owners. 

“The considerable difference in planned spending between Kindle Fire owners and non-owners highlights the tremendous potential for additional realized revenue that the new tablet brings to Amazon, above and beyond initial sales of the device,” ChangeWave said. 

That potential revenue boost is significant since analysts and tear-down specialists estimate that Amazon actually loses money on each Kindle Fire sale.

Kindle Fire likes and dislikes 

ChangeWave also asked 254 new Kindle Fire owners a series of questions about their satisfaction and likes and dislikes with the device. The results show the Kindle Fire has a ways to go to catch the iPad, but are still very positive. 

For example, 54% said they are Very Satisfied with the Kindle Fire while another 38% said they are only Somewhat Satisfied. 

Kindle Fire owners reported very specific likes and dislikes. Cost at 59% was by far the biggest “like” followed by its color screen (31%) and ease of use 27%. The Kindle Fire sells for $199.

The top dislike was the lack of a volume up/down button (27%) and no camera (21%). Also, 15% counted the Kindle Fire’s battery life being to short as a dislike. 


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