Klapprodt Pools keeps swimming pool construction cool with iPad

July 8, 2013
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The Dallas/Fort Worth area family-owned business designs approximately 120 pools a year and maintains an additional 200 pools every week. That doesn’t include the 150 to 200 service calls Klapprodt’s technicians receive every month. So keeping customer information handy and accessible between sites is important to the 25-person company.

While technicians used smartphones and laptops in the field to receive daily schedules and customer information updated and handy, co-owner Jeremy Klapprodt says the laptops did not lend themselves to specific design requirements and smartphone screens were too small to properly process customer information.

"It was a chore to find specific information for a customer, especially from a remote location. People would have to go to the service office to look up service details, the construction office for design or construction information, and the office manager for billing data,” Klapprodt says. “Zero information was obtainable from the field without a phone call."

 The solution came a few years ago when iPads started making their way into the office. The lightweight, touchscreen devices made it easier for field workers to access customer information and manipulate designs. Soon, construction and maintenance workers were leaving the office with iPads (WiFi + 3G) in hand and a custom-built software program (Pool Pro Office) installed.

Custom software aids technicians in the field 

Currently, three technicians and a service manager use the iPads for maintenance and routine servicing.  

The tablets use mapping software that connects with the home office so anyone in the company can keep track of the job sites, schedulers can plot out the most efficient routes, and technicians can plan their days.

The instant-access function lets technicians in the field servicing pools invoice clients on the spot. Construction management personnel looking for detailed information on approved pool designs asking “Which tile, which depth, diving board height?” can find these details all in one place.

As Klapprodt Pools is a small company with few IT resources, building the Pool Pro Office software was made possible with the help from software from FileMaker. The solution helped Klapprodt managers overcome years of management, billing, timesheets and other outsourced software. It also helped Klapprodt save substantial monthly fees for service contracts.

"We are genuinely excited about the benefits this new solution provides to our company," Klapprodt says. "We have been able to maintain better accountability, and we appreciate the overall cultural change. Because we have so many things happening all at once, we can stay on top of it all, remotely and in real-time."


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