Kno’s pilot program reveals students are starting to accept digital textbooks

January 31, 2012

The digital textbook provider, and the maker of a short-lived, double-sided tablet in 2010, partnered with ‘Collaborative Statistics’ authors Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean to support an enhanced digital version of their textbook.

The resulting edition was made available on Kno’s platforms for iPad and Browser, and tested on 400 students and faculty in 27 classes. Enhancements in the browser edition included the inclusion of images, videos and links to interactive content and homework sections, while the iPad version supported images, videos and page links.

A healthy 95% of students found the Kno app to be very useful and said they would use it again, while a telling 3 in 4 students said that reading, annotating and searching were better than through using a physical book. 61% of students selected Kno’s solution for its convenience and mobility, while 97% of students admitting to using at least one of the interactive students.

Kno first came into the public eye in early 2011, when the Silicon Valley firm unveiled a dual-screen tablet aimed at school children. The firm later received sizeable funding from Intel, but decided to ditch its hardware efforts in favor of software development in April of last year.


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