Kupa’s Windows 8 tablet tops the iPad — on price

January 11, 2012

LAS VEGAS — Tablet prices are almost universally headed downward with Apple’s best-selling iPad 2 the main exception. In addition to offering more features, like greater storage and better cameras, most iPad competitors have been drifting away from the iPad’s $499 starting price with tablets anywhere from $200 to $400. 

But Kupa is bucking the trend. The company showed off its 10-inch, X11 tablet here at the ShowStoppers CES event priced starting at $699 for the WiFi version and $799 for the 3G version. 

However the X11 is not another Android tablet with me too features. Company officials justify the price because the Kupa X11 is a full Windows 7 tablet with pen digitizer, high end 1366 x 768 pixel display and up to 10 hours of battery life. The X11 is powered by Intel’s Atom Z670 (Oak Trail) processor) and also includes two full-sized USB 2.0 ports.  Weight is just a bit over 2 pounds.

Unlike lower-priced Windows tablets, the X11 has a capacitive touchscreen for finger input as well as the digitizer which allows you to write or draw with a digital pen or interact with Windows by hovering the pen over the screen or tapping on the display.

The $699 model comes with a 64GB solid state disk and 2GB of memory. 


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