L.A. school district shuns Microsoft to spend $30 million on 35,000 iPads

June 19, 2013

The Los Angeles Times reports that the district’s board approved the deal in a unanimous vote on Tuesday and says that the district will pay $678 for each iPad, which will come pre-loaded with education software.

These iPads will make their way to all students at 47 campuses in the L.A. Unified School District.

This news is a huge win for Apple, not only because Microsoft has been trying to make its Surface tablets more attractive to educators, but also because the deployment was driven by students and teachers in the local area.

The school district board decided to go with Apple as the sole vendor as both students and teachers decided that the iPad was the best quality tablet available on the market.

In response, Microsoft representatives reportedly urged the board to pilot more than one product because it could "cut off the district from future price reductions and innovations".

Should this roll-out go through without complications, it would mark one of biggest tablet deployments in education in the world. Other deployments into schools have generally topped 17,000 or 18,000, although News Corp’s Amplify recently revealed that the North Carolina school district had decided to deploy 21,215 Android tablets.


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