Launch ‘Pad conference: ‘The tablet is the TV of this generation’

October 24, 2011

The event was hosted by Jason Calacanis and attended by leading app developers, and by software and hardware providers.

There were 26 speakers in all and these included Evernote CEO Phil Libin, Kno CEO Osman Rashid, and Bing’s Aya Zook. Here's a snapshot of what happened at the one-day conference…

  • Four new applications were announced at the conference, including Condition One, Stuck on Earth, TripLingo, and Zuuka.
  • Kno, Zite, OnSwipe, MoPi, GM, UrbanSpoon, Rezbook, and No Wait all promoted new features for their apps.
  • Speakers agreed that Microsoft was the pioneer of the tablet market, with today’s market the vision of the software giant.
  • Ryan Block of GDGT said that Amazon Kindle is best competitor to iPad but stressed that hardware rivals need to focus more on a sleek design, user interface and aggressive pricing – rather than LTE connectivity or high-resolution displays.
  • Christophe Ramstein, CTO Immersion, demonstrated tactile feedback for gaming on tablets. Immersion is licensing this technology for use on other applications.
  • Osman Rashid, CEO of Kno, introduced Textbooks and the Kno course manager. The idea of these applications is to keep all notes, PDFs and other important materials in one place.
  • Zite’s Mark Johnson revealed that the personalised iPad magazine, which was recently purchased by CNN,  has enjoyed over 120,000 downloads since launch.
  • Two of the speakers came from Dr Chrono and Jiff. Dr Chrono's mobile applications are used by 11,000 doctors, while the JiffPad application aims to improve communication between the doctor and patient. Jiff's James Currier claimed that 80% of what is said to a patient is forgotten.
  • Bing said that its browser is now optimised for working on tablets. There are now no jarring jumps to outside browsers, while news data can be stored up to seven days.
  • OnSwipe claimed that the tablet is the ‘TV of this generation’. OnSwipe allows users to swipe through articles, enlarge photos and see what people have said on Twitter.
  • Dafung Dennis is CEO of Condition One. Dennis served in Afghanistan and Iraq and recorded secret video footage when dropped behind enemy lines. He said that the footage could have been better so he, and Condition One, developed a new camera rig and software system, so viewers can change the perspective of what they are watching.
  • Condition One, which won best company of the event, will soon be available in the App Store.
  • Ubersense lets golfers analyse their swing and revealed that two winter Olympic Games teams have signed up to use its applications.
  • Other apps on show included Idea Flight, an application that allows people to control presentations on tablets, MoPix and TripLingo – a Nook app (soon to be for the iPad) that lets people create personalised language phrase books.
  • Zuuka, creator of the Smurf book for children, also demonstrated its application, while UrbanSpoon and No Wait spoke about their restaurant-based tablet applications.


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