Law firm gives each client a free Google Nexus tablet

January 22, 2013
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The Disparti Law Group says its new program of giving clients a Google Nexus tablet is a harbinger of how law firms should operate in the 21st century.

“With these tablets, our clients will be armed with information about their case, have a means of contacting us and – most importantly – they will be able to help build their own case by taking pictures of injuries, recording videos of how they are feeling and getting other family members to give video statements about how the injury has changed their loved one’s life,” says Larry Disparti, founder of the firm that bears his name.

“As their attorney, I can take all of this information and use it to develop their case.”

Nexus beats out the iPad

This actually is the second tablet giveaway the firm, with has offices in Chicago and Florida, has run. Initially Disparti gave clients an iPad, but now says the Nexus shows “better potential” and has proven to be more cost-effective.

“We really liked a lot of cloud features with the iPads, but after taking a test look at what the Google tablets offered, it was a no-brainer for us,” he said.

For example, he likes the availability of the Google calendaring feature that his clients can use to schedule doctor’s appointments and that his firm’s legal staff can then track the visit.

“If we see that treatment is starting to be sporadic, we can call the client or doctor and see what is going on,” Disparti said. “Additionally, we can set up personal Gmail accounts for our clients, so we can always communicate via secure e-mail.”

The firm also makes use of other Google apps including Docs and Chat.

Video demand

Disparti says he also likes the ability to take video with the Nexus tablet that can be shown to an insurance company as part of the mediation process (though the iPad gives you more flexibility since it has both front and rear-facing cameras, while the Nexus 7 only has a front-facing camera).

Video evidence could be put together in some cases to show an insurance company the difficulties a client has faced in life due to their injuries.

“Often, a settlement agreement is reached after the lawsuit is filed, and the case goes to mediation, which is the first time that the insurance company has a chance to see the client,” Disparti said. “These videos can help to demonstrate early in the settlement process how well the case will present to a jury. Ultimately, that can lead to quicker resolutions for a client so they can get on with their lives.”


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