The joke’s on you: The best tablet pranks from April Fools’

April 2, 2012

Google seemingly spent a considerable amount of time working on pranks, and uploaded videos showing a highly amusing (but impractical) new feature for its Chrome browser. Another video, featuring LL Cool J as a slightly nerdy Google employee, indicated the return of Morse code to aid keyboard typing with ‘Gmail Tap’, while Google Australia even took to its blog to promote 'Google Street Roo', a service in which the firm straps cameras to Kangaroos to map the country.

Toshiba got in on the act too, ‘unveiling’ an array of oddly-shaped tablets. According to Toshiba, the tablets were to sit within the new ‘Shapes’ brand, and would be called the ‘Oblong’, the ‘Rhombus’ and the ‘Amore’ – the last of which is ‘one heart you can play with’, according to the company commercial.

As with their Japanese rivals, Lenovo clearly didn't want to miss out on the fun, and promoted the world’s smallest tablet – with pictures indicating something of a mash-up between the tablet you use to access email and the tablet you take to tackle headaches. The firm promoted this 'news' on its blog, and combined the article with a great array of photos.

Other smaller companies also got involved with April Fools' pranks, including a number of leading tech blogs. Tech magazine Stuff claimed to have received a 42-inch iPad to review, The Register suggested that Apple had trademarked the rectangle, while e-tailer TechGeek promoted that it was bringing back a classic in the form of Hungry Hippos for iPad


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