Lenovo announces new Windows 8 tablet, the ThinkPad 2

August 9, 2012

The ThinkPad 2 boasts a 10.1-inch screen, an Intel Atom processor and therefore runs Windows 8 Pro, which packs a mighty 128GB of memory.

The slate comes with an optional digitiser and pen, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity (4G is only offered through AT&T) and a nice set of security features including a fingerprint reader and IT manageability technology.

Furthermore, the ThinkPad 2 features a full-sized USB port, a mini HDMI interface and dual-facing cameras, while a keyboard and dock are optional extras.

Lenovo will take the covers off the tablet at the IFA exhibition in Germany at the end of this month, but expects to launch the tablet when Windows 8 goes live in October.

The Chinese vendor has coyly decided against naming the price of the Windows 8 tablet for now. Pricing does remain a hot topic of conversation when it comes to Windows 8 tablets, with many believing that this will be a crucial factor if Microsoft’s OS is to compete with Apple’s iOS in the tablet market.

The ThinkPad 2 passed FCC testing last week, along with two new transformable Windows 8 tablets from Taiwanese vendor Asus. 


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