Update: Lenovo ends sales of small screen Windows tablets in the U.S.

July 18, 2014
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The tech giant has quietly stopped selling two of its Windows 8.1 tablet models with 8-inch screens because there’s been little to no demand for the products, according to a report by the IDG News Service. At the company's Shop Lenovo website it says the ThinkPad 8 has "sold out". 

(Update: Following this and other reports on its discontinuation of smaller screen Windows 8 tablets, Lenovo issued a statement clarifying that it plans to introduce new smaller screen Windows tablets later this year. The statement reads as follows: 

"We will continue to bring new Windows devices to market across different screen sizes, including a new 8-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet coming this holiday. Our model mix changes as per customer demand, and although we are no longer selling ThinkPad 8 in the U.S., and we have sold out of Miix 8-inch, we are not getting out of the small-screen Windows tablet business as was reported by the media. In short, we will continue to sell both 8 and 10 inch Windows tablets in both the U.S. and non-U.S markets." )

The ThinkPad 8, announced in January and a model of Miix 2, which started shipping in October last year, have both been pulled from distribution.

“In North America, we’re seeing stronger interest in the larger screen sizes for Windows tablets and are pleased with initial customer demand for the ThinkPad 10,” Raymond Gorman, a Lenovo spokesman, told the news service in an email. He said the remaining stock of ThinkPad 8’s had been redirected to developing countries where there is more interest in smaller screen Windows tablets.

Specifically, Gorman said there’s been much stronger demand for the ThinkPad 8 in Brazil, China, and Japan, adding that Lenovo will re-evaluate its strategy if market conditions change and U.S. buyers show interest in the ThinkPad 8. 

Lenovo continues to compete in the low end of the tablet market with 7- and 8-inch Android models priced in the U.S. between $129 and $249.


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